Drag Week 2014!

SCE Gaskets was asked to handle the sealing chores for an all-new car for an all-out assault on the 2014 Drag Week Unlimited Class Title. The new car.. is a truck, an S10 pickup to be driven by 5 time Drag Week winner Larry Larson. The Drag Week S10 is a collaborative effort between Chad Reynolds (owner of Bangshift.com) and Larry Larson. Though we’ve known about the project for a while, we were asked to keep it under wraps until the official unveiling, which happened August 27th only 10 days before Drag Week begins.
We’re still under a strict gag-rule so we can’t go into any details about the engine or what they think it might E.T. but here is the link for the article on Bangshift.com enjoy! More to follow..