SCE is proud to have Greg Prosser a part of the SCE Family. Greg’s passion is to carry on his Grandfather’s legacy.

From the time Greg was a child he has been passionate about racing. He comes from a pure-blooded racing family; they have been associated with racing since the beginning. Starting with his Grandfather Harold Dutton the original “Drag Hag”. Harold was one of the greatest to ever go down a dragstrip throughout the 60’s & 70’s. Harold was inducted into two drag racing halls of fame’s in 2005. Greg was fortunate enough to attend both induction ceremonies with his Grandfather.

Harold was a role model, mentor and father figure to Greg during while growing up. Which inspired Greg to carry on the legacy of his Grandfather and the Drag Hag legacy which is enshrined in Drag Racing history. Greg like his Grandfather doesn’t do things by the norm. Greg started his racing career off with a twin turbo Fox body Mustang on a 10.5 M/T small tire. Greg like his Grandfather doesn’t have unlimited
funds to support his racing, but his Grandfather always taught him it wasn’t about how much money you have. What counts is being smarter than your opponent and thinking outside the box which is
something money can’t buy.

Greg has carried Harold’s philosophy with him throughout his life and will always cherish the knowledge his Grandfather passed on to him. Greg is currently finishing up his newest build which he plans on racing in the x275 division. As for Greg’s original twin turbo Fox body he still owns the car and has plans to bring the car back out in the near future, until then, selling gaskets and racing on the
weekends is the good life!

Greg mentions, “I’m very happy and thankful to be a part of the SCE family. We share the same core values, and the same passion for racing. It’s in our blood!”