May Upgrade Without Warning

“The Nature of Racers is to Push the Envelope”

The upshot of this statement is; components get strained. As horsepower increases, stuff breaks that didn’t break before and engine builders need confidence in their choice of parts. This is why SCE values personal interaction with our extensive list of engine builders (find them here) and why we make regular appearances in the pits. Personal involvement gives us the information we need to make gaskets better. Two recent examples of this are:

1. Material upgrade for all SCE Gaskets timing cover, water pump and fuel pump gaskets. Background: We got a call from a Michigan racing engine professional who had noticed a change in the material of our front cover gaskets for the SBC, he wanted to know why we had downgraded the product. We answered that it actually was a material upgrade but agreed that it truly did have a different feel. At SCE Gaskets we have a saying; ‘if it feels good, it seals good’ and something didn’t feel right to our customer. Aaron Hunter, who is an owner and the plant manager in Spencer, Iowa decided to make an additional material upgrade based on this customers’ perception of quality. Were pleased to say we now use the very best available super-premium gasket material for these engine gaskets.

2. Material upgrade to steel inserted intake gaskets for AJPE Billet 392 cylinder heads. Background: The Bakersfield March Meet brings out the best in Nostalgia fuel cars and one of those is ‘Bad Brad’ Thompson’s “Jailbreak” Camaro  AAFC. Tuned by Brett Johansen, this car ran a 5.68 et on the first pass it ever made. The AJPE Billet 392 head is the popular choice for the early hemi style but it only has three intake manifold bolts (one between each port) per side leaving each end of the gasket to seal the blower pressure with less than optimal clamp load. At the 2014 March Meet this resulted in pieces of manifold gasket being shot out under power. Since SCE Gaskets has the ability in-house to perforate and combine a dizzying array of steel core and facings to achieve any desired thickness and sealing characteristic, we designed a custom material for this application. The new intake gaskets resist chemical breakdown in Nitro-Methane, do not stick to the manifold and they have a steel core to prevent “Gasket Projectile Disorder”.