New FE Ford Design from SCE Gaskets


The innovators at SCE Gaskets have come up with a solution to oil leakage and flow control problems common to FE Ford engines and its 427 SOHC variant when higher oil pressure and composite gaskets are employed. SCE has developed a special head gasket set that features individual right and left designs and are sold only in pairs. They are designed for use in Ford FE engines with compression ratios up to 12.5:1.

Important features of the new metal core SCE head gaskets include extra thick fire rings and a special sealant coating with bead seals around all oil and coolant passages. As such, the additional localized clamping force facilitates a superior seal. They have a 4.250” bore opening and a compressed thickness of .040”.

Additionally, the SCE gaskets feature enlarged oil transfer ports, so there is no interference with the flow, eliminating uneven pressure from the block side. Note that oil flow to the rocker arms should be regulated by restrictors placed in either the block or the heads. These gaskets also accommodate 427 SOHC oil drains at the rear of the block.

SCE has a full range of other gaskets for FE applications, ranging from solid copper head gaskets to OEM replacement gasket sets.