SCE Adds Ben Essing to Sales Staff



SCE Gaskets is pleased to announce the hiring of Ben Essing, who brings a tremendous amount of engine building & auto parts experience to our sales staff. Ben’s interest in engines started at an early age partly due to his dad’s career as an engine builder & machinist. In high school Ben completed the auto technician class then continued to College where he earned an Applied Sciences degree. In the ensuing years, Ben has worked as a dealership Parts & Service Manager, built race engines, installed numerous paint booths throughout the upper plains and lent his skills to a church sponsored drag racing program. Ben makes his home in Spencer, Iowa where he lives with his wife and two children (soon to be three).

Ben worked his way through college as an Auto Parts counterman & machine shop assistant where he learned engine building technique from cylinder heads to complete engine blueprint and assembly. In addition, Ben’s technical training includes the Harold Bettes Engine Airflow and Component Flow Bench Operations Seminar. Ben’s race engine building has proven successful as he has provided horsepower for 4 Track Champions, an Iowa State Champion, and a Runner-Up IMCA Modified National Champion.

SCE Gaskets is proud to complement our sales and customer service staff with Ben Essing’s expertise & background. For assistance with engine gasket applications & fitment, Ben can be reached by telephone at 800-427-5380 ext. 102, or by email at