SCE Exhibits at 2015 PRI Show

The 2015 PRI show in Indianapolis was a spectacular success for the industry and SCE Gaskets alike. Weather was great, crowds were huge and SCE introduced exciting new products for 2016. The 2015 SCE Gaskets exhibit featured Doug Cline’s fabulous twin-turbo 3200hp street legal 1969 Camaro built by Larry Larsen. Doug logged over 8000 street driven miles with the Camaro in 2015 and… it paces the quarter mile in 6.18 seconds at 238 mph!

SCE proudly introduced its new MLS Spartan stainless steel head gasket product line at the 2015 PRI show and attendees were ecstatic over the selection, design and quality of these new head gaskets. Look for press releases here and elsewhere for applications and availability of the new MLS Spartan head gaskets by SCE.

SCE Gaskets - 2015 PRI 1SCE Gaskets - 2015 PRI 2 SCE Gaskets - 2015 PRI 3