A hybrid design forged to harness the best sealing properties of two head gasket types.


Pliable, perforated metal-core composite gasket body eliminates coolant and oil leaks. No sealant needed!

Stainless Steel

Solid stainless cut-ring ‘bites’ into the cylinder head forming a positive barrier against combustion pressure leaks. No machining required!

Designed for use with high static compression or forced-induction engines which are prone to combustion pressure leaks when using typical composite or MLS head gaskets. Especially 4-bolt-per-cylinder patterns such as BMW, Subaru, Toyota and Chevrolet LS series.

Engine Sealing Capability Exceeds:

  • 16:1 Static Compression Ratio
  • 35 lbs. Supercharged or Turbocharged forced induction
  • 250 Shot of Nitrous Oxide

Vulcan Cut-Ring Sell Sheet

Popular Listings

SCE Vulcan Cut Ring P/NDescriptionUM
CR190559LCHEVROLET LSX LEFT SIDE 4.056 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR190559RCHEVROLET LSX RIGHT SIDE 4.056 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR191559LCHEVROLET LSX LEFT SIDE 4.150 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR191559RCHEVROLET LSX RIGHT SIDE 4.150 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR191759LCHEVROLET LSX LEFT SIDE 4.174 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR191759RCHEVROLET LSX RIGHT SIDE 4.174 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR199959LCHEVROLET LSX LEFT SIDE 3.997 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR199959RCHEVROLET LSX RIGHT SIDE 3.997 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR200559CHEVROLET/GM LS 346-364 4.056 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR201559CHEVROLET/GM LS 4.150 “X0.059″” Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR271055CHEVROLET/GM LT1/4 376 14-UP 4.100″X0.055″ Vulcan Cut RingEA
CR271555CHEVROLET/GM LT1/4 376 14-UP 4.150″X0.055″ Vulcan Cut RingEA
CR272055CHEVROLET/GM LT1/4 376 14-UP 4.200″X0.055″ Vulcan Cut RingEA
CR330003FIAT PUNTO 1400cc 81.50mm X 1.80mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330005RENAULT R5 GTT 77.00mm X 1.80mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330006PEUGEOT TU5JP-TU5J4 1.6L 80.50mm X 1.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330007PEUGEOT TU5JP-TU5J4 1.6L 80.50mm X 1.40mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330008FIAT ALFA SU 85.40mm X 1.50mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330009RENAULT R5 GTT 77.50mm X 1.80mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330010FIAT PUNTO 1400cc 82.00mm X 1.80mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330011BMW 325-525 M50 E36-249cc 86.00mm X 1.60mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330012BMW 325-525 M50 E36-249cc 84.50mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330013BMW 325-525 M50 E36-249cc 86.00mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330014BMW 325-525 M50 E36-249cc 87.00mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330015BMW 3-(E30)325 85.50mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330016BMW M30 93.10mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330017BMW M30 95.60mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330020BMW S50 B30-32 87.10mm X 1.80mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330021BMW S14B23 95.00mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330022BMW M54B25-30 86.00mm X 1.50mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330023BMW M54B25-30 87.60mm X 1.50mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330024BMW M60 B40 RIGHT SIDE 90.60mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330025BMW M60 B40 LEFT SIDE 90.60mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330026BMW M62 448 S2 RIGHT SIDE 93.60mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330027BMW M62 448 S2 LEFT SIDE 93.60mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330028VOLVO B23-230 97.10mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330029FORD COSWORTH 3.599 “X0.051″”(91.40X1.30mm) Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR330030FORD COSWORTH 3.626 “X0.051″”(92.10X1.30mm) Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR330031FORD MEBA-REBA X 3.843 “X0.039″”(97.60X1.00mm) Vulcan Cut-RiEA
CR330032FORD MEBA-REBA SX 3.843 “X0.039″”(97.60X1.00mm) Vulcan Cut-REA
CR330037BMW S54 B32 87.50mm X 1.20mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330038MITSUBISHI 4G63 EVO 4-9 86.30mm X 1.30mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330039LANCIA DELTA 8-16V 85.50mm X 1.80mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330040SUBARU WRX 100.00mm X 1.20mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330041SUBARU WRX 93.50mm X 1.20mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330042MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO 87.50mm X 1.20mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330043PORSCHE 968 3L 105.00mm X 1.60 mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330044TOYOTA 2JZGTE 3.0L 87.00mm X 1.60mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330045FORD FOCUS RS & ST 5 CYL TURBO 3.308 “X0.063″”(84.00X1.60mm)EA
CR330046FORD ESCORT COSWORTH 3.626 “X0.078″”(92.10X2.00mm) Vulcan CuEA
CR330047AUDI S2 5CYL 20V 83.50mm X 1.60mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330048AUDI S2 5CYL 20V 82.00mm X 1.60mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330056VOLVO ANFORD DURATEC 89.00mm X 1.20mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330057MAZDA A BP 84.50mm X 1.40mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330058MITSUBISHI EVO3 86.50mm X 1.30mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330061BMW M1 PROCAR M 95.00mm X 1.30mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330062OPEL C20XE 88.00mm X 1.60mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330063FORD COSWORTH 3.642 “X0.051″”( 92.50X1.30mm) Vulcan Cut-Ring”EA
CR330064FORD DURATEC 2.0/2.3L 3.485 “X 0.051″”(88.50X1.30mm) Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330065FORD DURATEC 2.0/2.3L 3.308 “X 0.051″”(84.00X1.30mm) Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330066SUBARU EJ25 101.30mm X 1.20mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330067LNISSAN GTR V6 LEFT SIDE 100.50mm X 1.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330068RNISSAN GTR V6 RIGHT SIDE 100.50mm X 1.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330069BMW M49 95.00mm X 1.30mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330070BMW N20 85.00mm X 1.20mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330071MITSUBISHI 3000GT 93.50mm X 1.20mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330072AUDI RS3 84.00mm X 1.40mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330073BMW F10/F13 90.50mm X 1.10mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330074BMW N54 86.00mm X 1.50mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330075BMW M42 86.50mm X 2.00mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA
CR330076SUBARU WRX 100.00mm X 1.20mm Vulcan Cut-RingEA