An area too often overlooked in planning for the addition of power enhancers such as Nitrous Oxide is the cylinder head gaskets that actually seal all the extra combustion pressure that will be developed. SCE Gaskets offers four “stages” of performance head gaskets for use in Nitrous Oxide applications.

  • Solution 1: SCE Pro Seal composite head gaskets. These gaskets utilize a high-density flexible graphite body mechanically “clinched” to a steel core, then wrapped with the industry’s heaviest steel fire ring armor. This combination of base materials and methods of manufacture provide a gasket that is strong enough to seal a 50 to 100HP shot of nitrous while offering unsurpassed protection against heat damage.
  • Solution 2: The ICS Titan with built-in combustion seals and coolant seals provides out of the box killer performance with NO NEED for O-RINGS in the block or cylinder head(s). These head gaskets will dependably seal single-stage and multi-stage Nitrous systems in engines with 16 to 18 head bolts per cylinder head. For 10 head bolt applications with multi-stage systems we recommend using the Titan or Pro Copper head gasket.
  • Solution 3: SCE offers the Titan self sealing copper head gaskets with patented coolant sealing built-in. Designed to work with engines that have O-rings in the block or head(s) SCE Titan self-sealing copper head gaskets not only seal the largest multi-stage Nitrous systems, they also assure leak-free coolant and oil sealing for dependable service in liquid-cooled engines with O-rings.
  • Solution 4: SCE Pro Copper solid copper head gaskets. These are the bad boys of drag racing. When used in conjunction with stainless steel O-rings and receiver grooves SCE Pro Copper gaskets will seal the biggest multi-stage nitrous system you can fit between the fenders. Pro Copper head gaskets require the use of additional sealant in liquid-cooled engines.

As you can see, no matter what the level of performance you seek, SCE Gaskets offers products to make your bottle rocket as dependable as it is quick. It just requires a little planning. If you have any questions please call or contact us.