SCE EMBOSSED COPPER EXHAUST GASKETS outperform other gaskets because the sealing beads conform to header or manifold sealing surfaces. However, mismatched gaskets (such as a D-port gasket on an oval header) will cause leaks because the embossment is not in complete contact with the raised weld bead of the header. Pro Copper exhaust gaskets will provide years of leak-free performance if these simple steps are followed.

Pro Copper Exhaust Instructions

Step 1 – Determine the shape & size of the header or manifold opening.It is important to note that the shape of the cylinder head exhaust port is of secondary concern.

Step 2 – Select the SCE Pro Copper exhaust gasket which most closely matches the shape and size of the header or manifold opening. Ensure that the embossed sealing bead will rest on the raised weld bead of the header sealing surface when assembled.

Step 3 – Clean and lubricate the threads in the cylinder head so full clamping is achieved when bolts are torqued. Once the gasket is fully seated the bolts will not loosen because the gasket is solid metal and will not shrink from repeated heat cycling.

Step 4 – Install gaskets and torque to specification. Proper torque for new lubricated 3/8” x 16 grade 5 bolts is between 25 and 30 foot pounds.

Extreme heat applications such as towing may cause the gaskets to relax slightly as indicated by a “ticking” sound at idle. Do not discard the gasket; simply re-torque the bolts, 1 re-torque is usually sufficient for permanent sealing.

Pro-Coppr-Exh-Fig2 Pro-Coppr-Exh-Fig1