SCE head gasket part numbers tell you the gasket type, engine family, bore opening and thickness.

  • Style Code determines the type: CR=Vulcan Cut-Ring, M=MLS Spartan, P=Pro-Copper, S=ICS, T=Titan, 5=Accu-Seal Pro
  • Engine Code: 2 digits. (There are over 50 engine families.) Searching within the website or catalog by engine will provide this information.
  • Bore: 1st & 2nd decimal places of the Bore opening measurement. The whole number (left of the decimal) is assumed to be known.
  • Thickness, 2 digits: 21=.021″, 32=.032″, 43=.043″, 51=.051″, 62=.062″, 72=.072″, 80=.080″, 93=.093″

The legend below illustrates the SCE head gasket part numbering logic using sample part number P135243.

Follow the menu on the left to the head gasket listing page for your engine family (Ex: BBC Head Gaskets), then browse part numbers to the prefix type, bore and thickness.

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